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A Professional Approach to Value Management

Proudly entering our twenty second year of resolving business problems and capturing opportunities by:

  • Improving the cost of doing business
  • Reducing non-value added expenses
  • Developing market responsive, cost effective products and services
  • Improving organization effectiveness
J. J. Kaufman Associates' staff is experienced and qualified in management processes and disciplines needed to build effective management action teams dedicated to the successful achievement of our near and long term business objectives.

Our proven approach to Value Management provides professional team leadership to meet your profit plan, develop VE Task teams to problem solve and capture opportunities, improve quality, reduce time from product development to market, and train personnel in creative techniques to improve daily job performance.

Our mission of professional excellence is satisfied by creating Value processes for our clients that will sustain a continuing level of successful business achievement.

Representing over 35 years of hands-on Value Engineering and
Management experience


  • Academic
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Capital Equipment
  • Construction
  • Consumer Products
  • Defense
  • Electronics
  • Food Processing
  • Health Care
  • Industrial Products
  • Mining & Construction
  • Petroleum
  • Process Industries
  • Services
  • Telecommunications
  • U.S. Government
  • Wastewater Management

"What Clients are Saying About JJK Inc."

“The ability of this company to identify problems, establish a team concept with normally adversarial departments, solve those problems and then implement them immediately is truly remarkable. I can honestly state that of the many workshops that I’ve participated in over 38 years in business, this firm ranks number one. This feeling incidentally, is shared by not only the participants, but also our management.”
- Perkin Elmer

"If someone told me a year ago we would find a way to cut production cost on our PW fan case by 23 percent, reduce engine noise by 2 decibels and cut cycle time by 33 percent - all within a few weeks - I would have said that person was crazy. But we did it. Value Engineering delivered a total win."
- Pratt & Whitney Company.

"In the last few years management has used J.J. Kaufman to train and guide Montek personnel through six value engineering studies. These studies led to significant improvements in our management discipline, product quality, productivity and cost reduction. The value engineering process is an integral part of Montek's design, development and production programs."
- E-Systems

"Within eight months of completion of your workshop, two teams have completed business process analysis yielding 62 percent reduction in space and 30 percent reduction in resources, not to mention significant cost savings and intangible benefits resulting from the team's Value Engineering recommendations."

"I can inform you that JGC has won the major LNG award on which we performed Value Engineering last June. A dozen ideas were incorporated in this proposal which greatly contributed to winning this competition"
- JGC (Nikki - Japan)

"Results of the value engineered surface tree indicated a 22 % reduction in cost and 30% reduction in installation time over the already "improved" cost based Auger learning. In total the savings associated with these value engineering efforts are about $7MM, with no credit taken for cycle time improvements."

- Shell Oil Corp.

“Jerry, LHTEC owes you and your associates a debt of gratitude for your contribution to our success. Your disciplined Value Engineering approach, as an adjunct to our Design to Cost program provided the catalyst that allowed us to develop and implement a very successful cost reduction program.”

- Allied-Signal Aerospace Company

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