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Henry A. (Hank) Ball, BA, MBA, CVS
Henry (Hank) Ball is President of Ball Associates, Inc. and a Senior Associate with J. J. Kaufman Associates, Inc. He is a graduate of Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA. His degrees are a Baccalaureate in accounting and an MBA. As a value management practitioner for over twelve years Hank has facilitated a broad spectrum of value studies, developing innovative approaches to organizational decision making tasks and managing a program to provide seed money for the development of Value Engineering Change Proposals (VECPs). As a Senior Associate of J. J. Kaufman Associates inc., Hank led and participated in over 15 Value Management assignments in the chemical, oil & gas exploration, and process industries.

He joined Boeing in 1985 after a twenty-one year Air Force career. In the Air Force Hank served as a Flight Examiner Pilot on WC-130s. Other Air Force duties included Tactical Airlift Advisor to the Royal Saudi Air Force, ROTC instructor, and Chief, Combat Operations for the 62nd Airlift Wing, McChord AFB.

At Boeing, Hank contributed to numerous programs, including the winning 747 Air Force One proposal. When he became the Value Management process manager for the Phantom Works operating group he quickly developed an ability to identify opportunities for value improvements and facilitated teams achieving positive results.

Hank served four years as Chairman, Electronic Industries Alliance/Value Management Group and is a recognized expert in VECP contract development and settlements.

Hank is the recipient of numerous decorations from his military service, was named the "Rising Star" award winner in 1997 by SAVE International and was recognized by the Department of Defense in 1998 for special achievements in the field of Value Engineering.
Craig L. Squires, CVS
Since 1998, Craig L. Squires has served as Managing Partner of nwis, a technology firm specializing in value methodologies, project support services and custom business application development. He currently serves as Executive Vice President of SAVE International. He served as Vice President - Global Affairs for SAVE International from 2007-2009 and was the Houston SAVE Chapter President from 2005-2007. SAVE International is the premier international society devoted to the advancement and promotion of the value methodology (also called value engineering, value analysis or value management).

Craig has worked on projects in a wide range of industries including energy, technology, large accounting and professional service firms, resorts/hotels, large retail centers, banks, and tourism. The breadth of his experience brings depth to any project in which he is involved. Craig has a degree in International Relations and a minor in Japanese from Brigham Young University, He speaks Japanese fluently, speaks Chinese (Mandarin) and has 20+ years in business development and strategic planning. Craig has written and published papers and makes presentations on the Value of Information, the Value Methodology and Technology related topics at local and national and international conferences and events.
George Padvorac, AVS
George Padvorac is a founding Partner of Pinnacle Nwis LLC and served as Chief Technology Partner of nwis.net, L.P since 1998. As Chief Software Architect, he's successfully designed, built and deployed numerous enterprise-level applications for a diverse collection of regional and global businesses.

George uses Value Engineering in software analysis and design, and is also involved in VIPs (Value Improving Practices) where VE is one of many value improving practices. He currently serves as President of the Houston SAVE Chapter (Society of American Value Engineering) and has written, published and presented papers at local and national conferences and events on Value Engineering, and using technology for function-analyses and dimensioning.
Roy Woodhead, B.Sc. (Hons), Ph.D. (Leeds), CVS, TVM, PVM
Dr. Roy Woodhead is a Senior Lecturer at Oxford Brooks University, Oxford in England, and works in the field of Technology Management and Innovation underpinned by an enquiry into the philosophy of Technology. In addition to academic work, Roy is a Senior Associate with J.J. Kaufman Associates, Inc. Roy is also a fully qualified Value Engineering practitioner with qualifications from SAVE International (CVS) as well as Europe’s qualifications in Value Management (TVM and PVM). He has been researching different avenues to innovation and R&D using a number of value methodologies and creative group decision-making processes for around ten years. Roy graduated from Sheffield City Polytechnic with a first class honours degree in Construction and later won funding from the University of Leeds to explore Value Management in more depth at a Ph.D. level within the context of large capital investments and associated decision making. At the heart of Roy’s work is the need to articulate how something works before an attempt to improve it commences. This systematic approach to innovation is established by making functionality explicit within a larger Innovation Management process. In the last 7 years Roy has led over 17 VM workshops in the integrated energy market with international leaders in the oil, gas and process markets.

Roy has co-authored two books and written numerous papers on technology, management of capital projects, decision strategies and Value Management.
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